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Student Services


Unlimited walk-in academic, personal, and immigration counseling are provided to students all day long and all year long. Our school agents are sensitive and dedicated. They work closely with their students to meet all of their personal, academic, and professional needs while attending Bluedata.


Since medical treatment in NYC is very expensive without insurance. It is highly recommended for all internationally students to purchase student health insurance for their stay in NYC. Students may speak to their counselor/agent at any time regarding further information about student health insurance.


Need help opening a bank account or obtaining a driver‘s license? We can help prepare documents for you to open a bank account or get a driver’s license.


Have questions about finding housing in NYC?  Our school agents can go over your options and help you start your search.

Bluedata is here to help you.

Monthly Recreational/Social Events                                               

While attending Bluedata, all students have access to many fun, educational, social, and recreational activities. Every year, we hold different parties in observance of different holidays and festivals, such as St. Patric's Day, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, etc. Each month, our staff will also provide a social calendar for students with a wide of events going around New York. Be sure to stay around for the school parties during holidays, They are fun and a great chance for students to mingle and have an enjoyable time.

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Airport Pickup                                                                                


Once you step off the plane, one of your first stops should be Bluedata. Don’t know how to get here? If you need airport pick up service, please let your school counselor know. We can help schedule a pick up for you for a fee.

Student ID                                                                                       

Bluedata offers a complimentary student ID card to all of our students.

In order to get a Bluedata student ID, simply bring a 1” by 1” inch picture to the main office. Once your ID is ready, we will notify you.

Transcript/Certificate Service                                                       

Students can request a free unofficial transcript at any time.  Official transcripts are available for students who have left the school.  The first official transcript is free.  There is a $10 fee for each subsequent request.


Students who meet the requirements for progression at the end of their class will be issued a certificate of completion.  For a $10 fee per copy, you can request additional copies of any available certificate(s)

School Facilities                                                                              

Our school space offers a library with magazines, computers in public spaces, a computer lab, free WI-FI, and refreshments.


Textbooks for Classroom Use                                                          

The school offers free use of class textbooks during class time.  If students want to purchase their own textbooks, the main office can provide information on how and where to purchase them.

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