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I-20 for International Students

Did you get accepted by your dream institution in the USA?

Now you need to complete other formalities too.


I-20 New York For International Students


By this time, you would have come across the term I-20, now is the time to know how to get it. But don’t worry, even if you are not aware of it. Bluedata International Institute will help you figure it out.

An I-20 New York form is issued to students after getting accepted by SEVP institutions. I-20 for international students can help them apply for an F1 VISA. The I-20 form basically proves that you are a legitimate student who is enrolled in a full-time academic program with an
accredited university.

Point to note: You must keep the I-20 New York form safe throughout your student lifecycle.

Your I-20 New York form would show the following information:

  • ID Number

  • Start and end dates of the academic program

  • Intended program of study

  • Funding sources

  • Cost of attendance at your school of choice

  • Other personal information

Eligibility to meet the requirements of I-20 New York for international students

  • Getting accepted by a SEVP-certified institution

  • Paying the I-901 SEVIS fee to get the I-20 form

  • Providing correct information

  • Having enough funds to cover your costs during your stay there

Who needs an I-20 New York form?

You will need an I-20 form if you are:

  1. Non-immigrant and have never attended a school or university in the United States.

  2. the United States. Non-immigrant willing to transfer from a secondary school, college, or university in 

  3. Non-immigrant looking to change of status to F1 for a current visa to an F1 VISA.

  4. Non-immigrants returning to the US after a leave of absence of 5 months.


Can you get a new I-20 New York form?

Under the following conditions, I-20 for international students can be requested again:


  • When the physical copy of the I-20 is lost or destroyed

  • You need it for traveling purposes

  • Your SEVIS status changes from initial to active

  • When there is a need to change personal information like a new program

We are here to help International students with the I-20.

Bluedata offers top-notch services to students by providing proper guidance and training, thereby making them well-versed with all that they need to have for an I-20 New York form.

Bluedata in partnership with internationally friendly universities offers the best educational opportunities to students seeking to get admission abroad. 

Consult our experts to know more about I-20 for International students in detail.

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