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business english Course



Prerequisites:Passing ESL Level 6 or M-EPT Raw Score 71+ and placement test 60% +

Business English Course (Intermediate)          180 Hours


The goal of business english course is for the students to have a basic understanding of the business environment and the different aspects that go into numerous businesses. They will also be able to improve their ability to communicate in English in various business situations, and be able to recognize business norms

Business English Course (High Intermediate)          180 Hours


The goal of business english course is for the students to build on their knowledge about business from the previous level, Business English Intermediate. The students will learn more about international businesses, and how to identify and build meaningful business relationships.

Business English Lesson (Advanced)          180 Hours


The goal of business english lesson is to have the students become more aware and comfortable with the business environment, particularly with international businesses. Students will also gain confidence and acquire the necessary skills to cope with difficult business situations with diplomacy and correct business English. You can also learn toefl course to increase your confidence and skills. 



For tuition and placement information, please contact us at (212) 683-6250

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