F-1 Visa USA

Thinking to study in America? Here is all that you need to know about the F-1 student visa.


If you are planning to study in the USA, you may need to apply for student F-1 visa. Currently, more than a million students are attending full-time courses in the USA. With some training and guidance, you could join them too.

At Bluedata international institute, we help students understand the F-1 visa USA process better. We also aim at providing the most efficient solutions for our students to successfully receive an F-1 student visa.

What is an F-1 Visa USA?

The student F-1 visa is a type of non-immigrant visa that allows international students to study english and academic courses in certified schools in the US.

How to apply for F-1 Visa USA?

  • Apply to and receive acceptance from a SEVP-certified school.

  • Receive a valid Form I-20 from your school. Pay for the I-901 fee.

  • Gather your supporting documents and schedule a visa interview at your local US

Bluedata International Institute provides assistance applying for F-1 visa to students and    I-20 for International Students. Our school counsellors can help you prepare your application in the best possible way.


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