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Tips for Studying from Home

Updated: Apr 3

Bluedata International Institute has transitioned from in-person classes to online classes due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Studying from home can be a bit challenging – you may find yourself easily distracted by your pet, online activities, the fridge, the TV, roommates, and your bed. For several reasons, you might just find yourself not as motivated or productive. Studying from home will require stronger willpower than usual to stay focused and adapt those tried and true strategies in this new learning environment.

To make this difficult adjustment a bit more manageable, we’ve included some tips below for studying from home.

Have a dedicated learning space in your home

Creating a physical boundary between your study area and your relaxation area could be very helpful in staying focused when studying from home. This can also help you to contain your academic stress in the study space.

  • Choose a space that is separate from your relaxation or sleep area

  • Try to attend online classes and take exams in the same space. Study shows that we recall information better in the environment we learn it in.

  • Let other people in the house know that when you are attending class or studying.

Stay on track

  • Identifying the expectations for each of your courses, from the type of assignments to the number of exams you will take.

  • Check your email inbox regularly to stay updated on announcements or changes.

  • Identify the technology requirements you will need and reach out to tech support if you have some issues connecting.

Connect with your learning community

  • To help stay engaged, communicate with your teachers or peers in your class regularly.

  • Share your learning and study strategies with your friends to help keep you accountable and motivated.

  • Be proactive in reaching out to your teachers or office staff about concerns or questions.

Create a routine

  • To help establish a sense of structure, establish a daily routine as if you are going to classes.

  • Include a morning ritual, such as getting dressed and eating breakfast.

  • Take breaks to help keep you engaged and alert

What do you think about these tips? Please let us know your thoughts.

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