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Learning English in Manhattan: Central Park

What is the best way to learn English? Come study in New York City!

When you take an ESL course in Manhattan, the knowledge you gain in the classroom can be used to explore the city and make memories that will last a lifetime.

One big advantage to taking an ESL course in Manhattan is that you can meet people from other countries who are also setting out on an English language learning journey. You can practice your English with your classmates, then explore the city together during your ESL course.

Where do you begin?

One of the most famous places in Manhattan is Central Park. It’s a short walk up to Central Park from Times Square in Manhattan, or you can take the subway. When you’re there, use the English you learned in your ESL course to talk to the vendors, and chat with other visitors to the park.

If you’re with your classmates, try a photo scavenger hunt! In a scavenger hunt, you compete to take pictures of all the items on a list. The person who finishes first is the winner. Ideas for a Central Park scavenger hunt include: Turtle Pond, the Alice in Wonderland statue, the Central Park Boathouse, the Shakespeare Gardens, the Sheep Meadow, Strawberry Fields, Delacorte Clock, right outside the Central Park Zoo.

You can also make a goal to take a picture of a flock of pigeons, a group of cyclists, or chess players losing and winning. The sights are endless. Take pictures and share them with your friends and family back home, and with your teachers in your ESL course in Manhattan.

If you are a beginning student, Central Park is a great place to practice vocabulary from your ESL course. As you walk, think about the ESL course where you studied directions. The Sheep Meadow is south of The Lake. Turtle Pond is near the Shakespeare Garden. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is on 5th Avenue, north of the Central Park Zoo. Thinking about directions in English will make them easier to remember. Don’t be afraid to say them aloud too! Then you can show off your skills with directions when you go back to your ESL course.

For advanced students, Central Park offers a wealth of cultural knowledge to add to what you studied in your ESL course. You can read the signs and discover why the Sheep Meadow is called that when there are no sheep to be seen. Central Park has a place called Strawberry Fields, but there aren’t any strawberries. This is your chance to find out why. After discovering the answers to these mysteries of Central Park, you can return to your ESL course in Manhattan and share what you’ve learned. After all, the best way to learn is to teach others.

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